Efficient and Versatile: Unveiling the Cleaning Rag Production Line for Streamlined Manufacturing


Table of Contents:
I. Introduction of Cleaning Rag Production Line
II.Specifications of Cleaning Rag Production Line
III. Key Features of Cleaning Rag Production Line
IV. Conclusion

I. Introduction of Cleaning Rag Production Line
Our non woven folding machine is highly flexible for the production of all kinds of towels such as wipes, cleaning cloths, medical towels and many others. It is flexible in its cut-off range and handles different folded widths. The manual folding machine is multifunctional in the processing of different materials and very flexible in terms of sizes. Both features make it very popular in the nonwoven industry.

The AQ-F (300-600) machine has been praised for its versatility in being capable of implementing fully automatic processes to non-woven and air-laid paper from web feeding to conveying, printing, drying, folding, cutting, and counting all the way to the finished product. This non-woven printer folder uses an anilox roller and rubber roller to print, which ensures the printing accuracy, low cost, clear printing, fast drying time, and folding convenience.

The folding machine has a multifunction shape folding device, which allows for various folding patterns, such as the N shape, W shape and special shape foldings, as well as folding in half. The size of the finished product that has been folded by this non-woven folding machinery ranges from 300-600mm.

II.Specifications of Cleaning Rag Production Line
Model: AQ-F (300-600)
Folding size: 300-600mm (It can be customized)
Folding device: High precision linear cutting technology
Folding patterns: N shape, W shape, folding in half and special shapes
Control system: Frequency control
Power: Motor
Speed: 200-500 sheet/min
Compressed air: Customers prepare for themselves
Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 3.5-6.5Kw
Weight: about 2500kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)

III. Key Features of Cleaning Rag Production Line
1. This type of non-woven folding machine uses imported cutting tools that are durable, and have a great heat resistance. In addition, it comes with an automatic cutter sharpening unit.
2. It is equipped with an automatic counting device and a web guiding system.
3. The air-laid paper folder uses a special gar transmission to eliminate the gear clearance. It can also be equipped with a static removal device and an embossing unit if required.
4. The wide belt conveying device and tension control devices are equipped in order to ensure the size accuracy of the folded products.
5. The machine table and parts that touch the product are all constructed using stainless steel, which ensures the safety and hygiene of the products and machine.
6. Our color printing folding machine features a variable frequency speed control. The wiring on the frequency converter is stabilized and safe.
7. This folding machine can also be equipped with a special shape folding unit, which allows for more shapes and folding methods.




Final Product: