Precision in Bed Sheet Folding: The Medical Use Bed Sheets Machine


The escalating demand for medical, household, and industrial non-woven bed sheets has created challenges in meeting production capacity. This article delves into AOQI’s innovative solution, the Medical Use Bed Sheets Machine, designed to address these market demands effectively.


Part 1: Machine Overview

Various Names: Non Woven, Disposable, Automatic Bed Sheet Folding

AOQI’s cutting-edge machine, known by various names, signifies its versatility and adaptability to different applications.

Industry Trends: Growing Demand for Capacity and Efficiency

The market has witnessed a surge in demand for bed sheet folding machines that can handle medical, household, and industrial requirements, emphasizing the need for increased production capacity and efficiency.

AOQI’s Answer: Integrated and Efficient Solutions

In response to market trends, AOQI has developed an advanced bed sheet folding machine that integrates innovative features to ensure efficiency, reliability, and high production capacity.

Evolution Over Two Decades

With over two decades of experience, AOQI’s machine has undergone significant advancements. Improvements in production capacity, reliability, and operational economy make it a frontrunner in the industry.

Testing in the Japanese Market

The machine’s capabilities were put to the test in the Japanese market, showcasing its proficiency in producing medical-use bed sheets. The positive feedback received underscores its effectiveness.


Part 2: Machine Specifications

Model: AQ-GF1200

The machine, identified as AQ-GF1200, boasts features that cater to the diverse needs of the market.

Slitting Device: Roll Cutting

Efficient roll cutting ensures precise and uniform bed sheet production.

Folding Types: Crosswise and Longitudinal Folding

The flexibility of crosswise and longitudinal folding adds to the machine’s adaptability.

Product Size: Customizable (1-1.6m material folded to a minimum of 40cm)

Customizable product sizes provide versatility in meeting specific requirements.

Applicable Materials: Various Medical Composite Materials, Spunbond Non-Wovens

The machine accommodates a wide range of materials, including medical composites and spunbond non-wovens.

Control System: PLC, Servo Control System

Equipped with a PLC and servo control system, the machine ensures precise operation and control.

Power: Servo Motor

The integration of a servo motor enhances power efficiency.

Speed: 20-80m/min

The adjustable speed range accommodates varying production needs.

Compressed Air: Customer-Provided

Customers are responsible for providing the required compressed air.

Power Supply: 380V, 50Hz, 8.5Kw

The machine operates on a standard power supply configuration.

Weight: About 3400kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)

The machine’s weight varies based on specific configurations, ensuring flexibility in setup.


Part 3: Innovative Features

Multi-Functional Design

AOQI’s bed sheet folding machine stands out due to its multi-functional design. The integration of a servo control system, color touch screen, special shape folding devices, automatic conveying devices, and a high-speed rocker arm stacking system enhances overall production capacity.

Automated Processes and Conveyor Belt Efficiency

The entire process, from material feeding to final cutting, is automated on the conveyor belt, streamlining production and ensuring efficiency.

Precision Control for Tension and Product Length

The machine utilizes a continuous variable transmission to control tension and a servo motor for precise product length control.

Industrial Folding Equipment and Technological Integration

Equipped with a synchronous wide belt conveyor, magnetic powder tension control system, pneumatic feeding device, and an air expanding shaft unwinding device, AOQI’s machine represents a technological marvel in industrial folding equipment.

State-of-the-Art Components and Control Systems

AOQI employs imported frequency converters, PLC controllers with a touch screen, laser length meters, servo motors, and other high-quality components to implement seamless control.

Part 4: Supplying Excellence from China

AOQI: A Leading Company in China

As a prominent player in the industry, AOQI reflects China’s commitment to innovation and manufacturing excellence.

Custom Services: Quality, Cost-Effectiveness, and Customer Satisfaction

AOQI emphasizes custom services, ensuring that clients receive high-quality solutions at competitive prices, coupled with exceptional customer satisfaction.

Production Process and Types of Non-Woven Bed Sheets

Understanding the intricacies of the production process and the variety of non-woven bed sheets produced by AOQI.

International Buyer’s Guide: Collaborating with Chinese Suppliers

Navigating the process of collaborating with Chinese suppliers, covering essential aspects for international buyers seeking partnerships with Chinese manufacturers.


Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Tips

  1. Q: What sets AOQI’s machine apart from others?
    A: AOQI’s machine stands out due to its advanced technology, high production capacity, and efficiency in meeting market demands.
  2. Q: Can the machine handle different materials?
    A: Yes, the machine is designed to work with various medical composite materials and spunbond non-wovens.
  3. Q: How has the machine evolved over the years?
    A: The machine has undergone significant improvements in terms of production capacity, reliability, and operational economy over the past two decades.
  4. Q: What is the unique selling point of AOQI’s machine?
    A: AOQI’s machine offers an integrated and efficient solution, combining patented technology and automatic large disposable bed sheet folders.
  5. Q: How is the machine suitable for commercial batch productions?
    A: With a production capacity of over 50 meters per minute, including different materials, the machine is ideal for commercial batch productions of non-woven bed sheets.


Part 6: Conclusion

China’s Commitment to Innovation in Manufacturing

Highlighting China’s role in fostering innovation and advancing manufacturing capabilities, with AOQI leading the charge.

AOQI’s Advanced Solution as a Global Leader

Recognizing AOQI as a global leader in bed sheet folding machines, contributing to the industry’s advancement.

Supplying Excellence: China’s Role in the Global Market

An overview of how Chinese manufacturers, exemplified by AOQI, play a crucial role in supplying excellence to the global market.