Enhanced Flexibility: Non Woven Slitting Rewinder Machine With Versatile Capabilities

As a leading non woven equipment supplier in China, we provide customers with high-quality Non woven Slitting Rewinder Machine.

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This Non woven Slitting Rewinder Machine, equipment with a servo control motor, can carry out embossing, scoring, counting, slitting, and rewinding operations, ensuring a smooth end surface and print clearly. It is the favored option for slitting and rewinding spunlaced, needle-punched, and wood pulp non-woven materials.


Specifications Of Non woven Slitting Rewinder Machine
Model: AQ-R
Slitting device: Shear type round knife
Scoring type: Spiral scoring
Rewinding type: Pneumatic
Controller: PLC and Servo motor
Drive: Servo motor
Parameter setting: Color touch screen
Compressed air: Customer Provided
Power supply: 380V, 50Hz, 5.5Kw
Weight: about 3500kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations.)
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Features Of Non woven Slitting Rewinder Machine1. The rewinding roll on the slitter rewinder with pneumatic knives is designed with knurls and is electroplated. It is also equipped with a set of large scale embossing units, including an electroplated roll and wool covered roll. The embossing patterns can be customized for your requirements.2. The non-woven machine comes with a pneumatic automatic web feeding device. The wide belt conveyance system is air operated, and features automatic counting and stop functions using an infrared ray.3. Slitting knives on the non-woven slitter rewinder use an air operated lifting device, improving the knife’s service life. The rewinding roll has a variable speed control unit that can automatically adjust the rewinding speed.4. The combined control of the PLC and servo motor make the perforating pitch adjustable.5. The speed for embossing, scoring, slitting and rewinding is adjustable. The slitting size can also be adjusted at will.6. The parts of the AQ-RB slitter rewinder that have an impact on the product in production are all made of stainless steel. All parts are electroplated and are rust and delamination proof for up to 2 years.This slitter rewinder can be customized with an embossing system upon request by the customer. It can produce both cored and coreless rolls and rolls with or without scoring. The rewinding machine can also be equipped with an adjustable rewinding roll tension controller for multiple purposes.

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