Unveiling Precision: The AQ-R Non-Woven Rewinding Machine Revolution


I. Introduction

Embark on a journey of innovation with the AQ-R Non-Woven Rewinding Machine, lauded for its multifunctional prowess in slitting and folding spunlaced, needle-punched, melt-blown, heat-sealed, and spun-bound non-woven fabrics.


II. Technical Brilliance: AQ-R Specifications

1. Model and Precision Components

  • Model: AQ-R (1200-3500)
  • Slitting Device: Shear-type round knife
  • Unwinding Device: Double roll, magnetic powder tension controller, wide belt
  • Rewinding Device: Pneumatic pressing
  • Controller: Variable frequency speed control
  • Drive: Stepping motor
  • Parameter Setting: Human-machine interface
  • Power Supply: 380V, 50Hz, 3-7Kw
  • Weight: About 3000kg (Specific weight depends on configurations)


III. Key Features Spotlight

1. Simultaneous Operation Excellence

  • Conducts automatic routing, counting, slitting, and folding simultaneously, optimizing production efficiency.

2. Precision Counting and Halt Mechanism

  • Equipped with an infrared ray automatic counting device and auto-stop unit, ensuring accurate counting and timely halting of operations.

3. Adaptive Spiral Perforating and Adjustable Slant Angle

  • Quick, smooth, and steady spiral perforating with an adjustable slant angle for enhanced customization.

4. Gear-Type Continuous Variable Transmission

  • Enables automatic adjustment of the distance between perforating lines (10 cm to 60 cm) without gear changes, offering seamless folding. Optional PLC controller and servo motor enhance folding pitch adjustability.

5. Efficient Speed Control

  • Utilizes a variable frequency converter for convenient speed control, ensuring smooth and efficient operations.

6. Enhanced Control with Magnetic Powder Tension

  • Features a magnetic powder tension control system, ensuring stability during folding processes.


IV. Tailored Solutions for Non-Woven Reels

1. Versatility in Processing

  • Suitable for processing cored and coreless, perforated or non-perforated non-woven reels, providing versatile folding solutions.

2. Customizable Winding and Unwinding Methods

  • Offers various methods based on specific customer production requirements, including magnetic powder tension control, lateral tension control, conveyor belt control, and servo control modes for optimal folding effects.


V. China’s Manufacturing Excellence

1. Global Manufacturing Hub

  • China leads in non-woven machinery manufacturing, offering cutting-edge technology with competitive pricing.

2. Customization and Competitive Pricing

  • Chinese manufacturers provide highly competitive prices with customizable services to meet diverse customer requirements.

3. Precision Craftsmanship and Quality Assurance

  • Utilizes CNC lathes and machining centers to ensure top-notch quality, adhering to rigorous quality control measures.


VI. Key Considerations for International Buyers

1. Collaborative Advantages with Chinese Suppliers

  • Highlights collaborative advantages and potential long-term partnerships with Chinese suppliers.

2. Crucial Considerations for Procurement

  • Offers insights into crucial considerations for international buyers when engaging with Chinese suppliers, emphasizing effective communication and understanding.



1. Common Questions from Buyers

  • Addresses common questions related to Non-Woven Rewinding Machines, providing comprehensive insights into technical aspects and service details.

2. Initiating Collaboration with Chinese Suppliers

  • Offers in-depth guidance on initiating collaborations and fostering effective communication with Chinese suppliers.


In a nutshell, the AQ-R Non-Woven Rewinding Machine stands as a beacon of innovation, combining multifunctional slitting and folding capabilities to elevate non-woven fabric processing.