Enhanced Efficiency: Introducing Our Upgraded Non-Woven Slice Cutting Machine
In the dynamic landscape of industrial machinery, innovation is key to staying ahead. At [Your Company Name], we take pride in introducing the latest advancement in our product line—the AQ-B (1600) Non-Woven Slice Cutting Machine. This upgraded machine boasts an increased roll capacity, allowing for the placement of up to eight rolls of material simultaneously, a significant enhancement over the conventional machines that accommodate only one roll.
Part 1: Specifications
Model: AQ-B (1600)
Max. Cutting Width: 1500mm
Cutting Length: Settable
Embossing Unit: Customizable as per customer request
Bonding System: Top-grade ultrasonic
Cutting Unit: Herringbone cutter
Control System: PLC, servo control system
Power: Servo motor
Parameter Setting: Touch screen
Speed: 30-120 sheet/min
Compressed Air: To be provided by customers
Power Supply: 220V, 50Hz, 4.5Kw
Weight: About 1800kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)
Part 2: Features
Microcomputer Control: Our non-woven bag making machine features precise control through a microcomputer, coupled with a servo motor for material transport and photoelectric tracking cutting.
Unwinding System: The unwinding system includes a tension control device, ensuring uniform sheets without rough selvedge.
High-Quality Components: Utilizing a top-tier servo motor and a photoelectric controller for web feeding, our machinery guarantees efficiency and reliability.
Safety and Ease of Operation: The electrical components of the cutting machine are designed with safe wiring, ensuring the safety and ease of operation for the machine.
Additionally, the non-woven roll to sheet cutting machine is depicted in the accompanying picture, showcasing extra features based on customer requests. These include a hot pressing system and an IR positioning unit, contributing to high-precision cutting. With the ability to reduce labor costs by up to 75%, this upgraded non-woven cutting machine significantly improves efficiency during the production of non-woven bags.
Part 3: Applications
The applications of the products generated by our cutting machine are diverse. The high precision and efficiency make them suitable for a wide range of non-woven materials, allowing for the production of bags, packaging materials, and various other items. The adaptability of the machine ensures that it meets the evolving needs of industries relying on non-woven materials.
In conclusion, our AQ-B (1600) Non-Woven Slice Cutting Machine stands as a testament to [Your Company Name]’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. With enhanced features, increased capacity, and a focus on efficiency, this machine is poised to revolutionize the production processes of businesses relying on non-woven materials.