Revolutionizing Medical-Use Bed Sheet Production with AQ-GF1200 Folding Machine


Unveiling the AQ-GF1200 Non Woven Bed Sheet Folding Machine
In response to the increasing demand for efficient and high-capacity bed sheet folding machines, AOQI presents the AQ-GF1200, a cutting-edge solution for medical-use bed sheet production. As a non-woven machine manufacturer with over a decade of experience, we have elevated our capabilities to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Machine Description: The AQ-GF1200, known as a non-woven bed sheet folding machine, represents a significant advancement in the industry. Designed for medical and household bed sheets, as well as industrial-sized non-woven sheets, this automatic folding machine sets a new standard for production efficiency. With patented technology and automation features, it addresses the limitations of traditional folding machines, ensuring seamless integration into commercial batch productions.

With more than 50 meters of production per minute, this non-woven bed sheet folding machine is a powerhouse, capable of handling various medical composite materials and spunbond non-wovens. The machine has undergone substantial improvements in production capacity, reliability, and operational economy, making it ideal for meeting the demands of the dynamic non-woven bed sheet market. The included video showcases the machine’s testing phase, demonstrating its readiness for the Japanese medical bed sheet market.


Specifications of AQ-GF1200 Non Woven Bed Sheet Folding Machine:

  • Model: AQ-GF1200
  • Slitting Device: Roll cutting
  • Folding Type: Crosswise and longitudinal folding
  • Product Size: 1-1.6m material can be folded to a minimum of 40cm
  • Applicable Material: Various medical composite materials, spunbond non-wovens
  • Control System: PLC, Servo control system
  • Power: Servo motor
  • Speed: 20-80m/min
  • Compressed Air: Customers provide for themselves
  • Power Supply: 380V, 50Hz, 8.5Kw
  • Weight: About 3400kg (Specific weight depends on machine configurations)

      1. Advanced Control System: The machine utilizes a servo control system with a color touch screen, enhancing control and ease of operation. Special shape folding devices, automatic conveying devices, and a high-speed rocker arm stacking system contribute to improved production capacity.
      2. Automatic Operation: The entire process, from material feeding to crosswise and longitudinal folding, and final cutting, is seamlessly automated on the conveyor belt.
      3. Precision and Control: The non-woven folding machine employs a continuous variable transmission for tension control and a servo motor for product length control. It features forward and reverse web guiding and converting devices for enhanced precision.
     4. Advanced Components: Equipped with a synchronous wide belt conveyor, magnetic powder tension control system, pneumatic feeding device, and air expanding shaft unwinding device, the machine ensures reliability and efficiency.
    5. Technological Integration: The non-woven folding machine incorporates imported frequency converters, PLC controllers with a touch screen, laser length meters, servo motors, and other high-quality electrical components for precise and combined control.

Meeting High-Speed Demands of Discerning Clients
In an industry where speed is paramount, many companies struggle to meet the high-speed requirements of clients in medical-use bed sheet production. Recognizing this challenge, clients turn to AOQI, seeking a solution to their high-speed demands.


Unrivaled Advantages of AQ-GF1200 Non Woven Bed Sheet Folding Machine
The AQ-GF1200 Non Woven Bed Sheet Folding Machine from AOQI stands out for its numerous advantages, emphasizing our commitment to customization and excellence:

  1. Customization Options: The machine offers extensive customization options, allowing clients to tailor parameters such as feed width, printing, and shape to meet specific requirements.
  2. Exceptional Speed: With a speed range of 20-80m/min, the machine surpasses industry standards, meeting the high-speed demands of discerning clients in medical-use bed sheet production.
  3. Precision and Efficiency: The AQ-GF1200 ensures precise folding and cutting, enhancing overall efficiency in the production process.
  4. Versatility in Design: Clients can customize the folding machine with different embossing patterns and other design elements, ensuring that the machine caters to diverse design requirements for medical-use bed sheets.


Seamless Collaboration and Successful Delivery
Having successfully met the client’s high-speed requirements, AOQI not only fulfilled their needs but also delivered the AQ-GF1200 Non Woven Bed Sheet Folding Machine seamlessly. The collaboration culminated in the successful delivery of the machinery, marking the initiation of a mutually beneficial partnership.

In a comprehensive discussion held in our company’s conference room, we delved into the intricacies of the new equipment, addressing queries and ensuring that the client was well-informed. The result was the signing of a new order, solidifying our commitment to continued collaboration and innovation.


Elevating Medical-Use Bed Sheet Production to New Heights
The AQ-GF1200 Non Woven Bed Sheet Folding Machine from AOQI epitomizes our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and customization. From meeting high-speed demands to offering unrivaled features, our machinery reflects our commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of non-woven bed sheet folding technology. As we look ahead, we anticipate more collaborative ventures and milestones, setting new standards in medical-use bed sheet production.