Revolutionizing Wet Wipe Packaging: The AQ-350 4-Side Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

Part 1: Unveiling the AQ-350 4-Side Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

The AQ-350 wet wipe machine emerges as a cutting-edge, fully automatic packaging solution, specifically engineered for the production of small pouch wet wipes with all four sides sealed. Catering to diverse industries such as medical, aviation, and catering, this innovative machinery delivers end products that can be used in various applications. Whether in a single pack or as double packs connected to each other, the small wipes within are meticulously folded both longitudinally and crosswise, creating a compact and convenient packaging format. Customizable features, such as a discharging chute with counting functionality, enhance the packaging process, ensuring efficiency and convenience.


Part 1. Production Process: The production process of the 4-Side Wet Wipes Packaging Machine involves a series of precise steps:

  1. Non-woven or wet strength paper and packaging film feeding
  2. Longitudinal folding
  3. Crosswise folding
  4. Cutting
  5. Wetting
  6. Bag making
  7. Packaging
  8. Sealing
  9. Cutting off
  10. Finished product


Part 3. Features: The AQ-350 wet wipe machine boasts several features that set it apart in the market:

  1. Utilization of Japanese PLC controller and electrical components, along with German color mark sensors, ensuring stability and durability.
  2. Large color touch screen for easy parameter setting, simplifying operation for users.
  3. Pneumatic parts from renowned brands, ensuring both production efficiency and extended service life.
  4. Automatic guiding device in the packaging film feeding system.
  5. Controlled heating package sealing for temperature stability.
  6. Ease of operation, with quick and straightforward changes in product size and sealing molds.
  7. Construction using 304# stainless steel for a robust structure and an elegant appearance.


Part 2: Meeting High-Speed Demands from Discerning Clients

Our 4-Side Wet Wipes Packaging Machine has become the preferred choice for clients with stringent speed requirements. In an industry where many companies struggle to meet such demands, our client sought out our expertise. The challenges faced by the client in finding a machine capable of achieving the desired speed were addressed by our state-of-the-art wet wipe packaging solution.


Part 3: Unrivaled Advantages of AQ-350 4-Side Wet Wipes Packaging Machine

The AQ-350 4-Side Wet Wipes Packaging Machine stands out for its numerous advantages, highlighting our commitment to customization and excellence:

  1. Customizable Features: Our machine offers unparalleled customization options, allowing clients to tailor parameters such as feed width, printing, and shape to meet their specific requirements.
  2. Enhanced Production Speed: The speed capabilities of our wet wipe packaging machine exceed industry standards, meeting and surpassing the high-speed demands of our discerning clients.
  3. Precision in Operation: The precision achieved in every step of the production process ensures consistently high-quality results, reflecting our dedication to excellence.
  4. Adaptability and Efficiency: The AQ-350 is designed for swift and straightforward adjustments, allowing for easy changes in product size and sealing molds. This adaptability enhances overall production efficiency.


Part 4: Seamless Collaboration and Successful Delivery

Having successfully met the client’s high-speed requirements, we not only fulfilled their needs but also delivered the 4-Side Wet Wipes Packaging Machine seamlessly. The collaboration culminated in the successful delivery of the machinery and the initiation of a mutually beneficial partnership.

In a comprehensive discussion held in our company’s conference room, we delved into the intricacies of the new equipment, addressing queries and ensuring that the client was well-informed. The result was the signing of a new order, solidifying our commitment to continued collaboration and innovation.


Elevating Wet Wipe Packaging to New Heights

The AQ-350 4-Side Wet Wipes Packaging Machine epitomizes our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and customization. From meeting high-speed demands to offering unrivaled features, our machinery reflects our commitment to excellence in the ever-evolving landscape of packaging technology. As we look ahead, we anticipate more collaborative ventures and milestones, setting new standards in wet wipe packaging.