Advancing Efficiency and Precision with Non-Woven Folding Machine


Part 1: Features

This state-of-the-art machine redefines efficiency through its automatic, all-encompassing process that seamlessly integrates embossing, folding, counting, and cutting.

One of the standout features of this machine is its automatic embossing function, allowing for the creation of intricate and aesthetically pleasing patterns without the need for manual intervention.    Gone are the days of laborious folding, as our device streamlines the entire manufacturing process.    Operating at an impressive speed of 300-500 sheets per minute and accommodating folding sizes ranging from 150-1000 mm, our Non-Woven Folding Machine offers a diverse range of folding options, including N, W, half-folds, and other customized configurations.

As a premier manufacturer in the realm of non-woven folding machines, our product transcends its role as a mere fabric handler.    It is not only an automatic non-woven fabric folding machine but also a non-woven fabric folding and cutting machine.    Beyond folding, it seamlessly executes the entire production process for wet tissue, from cutting and automatic folding to wetting, counting slices, packaging, and the automatic output of the final product.

The adaptability of this machine extends to its compatibility with an array of materials, including Spunlaced Nonwoven fabric, Hot-dissolved-type nonwoven cloth, Hot Air-through bonded Nonwoven fabric, and Calendar bonded Nonwoven fabric.    This versatility ensures its relevance across diverse industries and material types.


Part 2: Benefits of Non-Woven Fabric Folding Machines

Constant Heating System: The machine is meticulously designed with a constant heating system, equipped with temperature control devices and relevant electrical components. This feature ensures that the temperature is adjustable, allowing for optimal processing of various non-woven materials.

Broad Belt Conveying and Tension Control: The synchronous broad belt conveying device, coupled with a tension control device, guarantees the size accuracy of the finished product. This meticulous attention to detail ensures the consistency and quality of the folded cloths.

Air Operated Counting and Web Guiding Devices: Employing an air-operated counting device, the machine provides precise counting capabilities. Additionally, both forward and reverse web guiding devices contribute to the seamless operation of the folding process.

Specially Designed Shape Folder: The non-woven fabric folding machine incorporates a specially designed shape folder, offering a diverse array of folding patterns. This feature enhances flexibility, allowing the production of wiping cloths with unique and customized folds.

Gear Movements and Static Eliminating Device: The drive part on the textile machine utilizes gear movements to eliminate gear clearance, ensuring smooth operation. Furthermore, the option to integrate a static eliminating device enhances the overall efficiency and reliability of the machine.

Variable Frequency Speed Control: The folding machine is equipped with variable frequency speed control systems, providing easy operation and adaptability. This feature allows users to customize the machine’s speed according to specific production requirements.

Additionally, the machine’s capability extends beyond folding to meet the demands of different industries. With features such as online cutting, gas processing feeding equipment, and a comprehensive transport system, it accommodates the production of wiping cloths with precision and speed.

Incorporating PLC computer program control technology, touch screen interfaces, and a compact structure made of stainless steel, our Non-Woven Folding Machine adheres to sanitary standards and advanced design principles. Its popularity domestically and internationally is a testament to its reliability and performance in the fabric processing landscape.

Experience the seamless and efficient automatic folding of nonwoven drapes with our machine, offering a continuous process that includes unwinding, lengthwise folding, rotary cutting, various folding styles, and the output of finished products. The machine’s ability to control product parameters and store diverse product recipes adds a layer of sophistication to its functionality.


Part 3: Global Triumphs and Acclaim

Our non-woven folding machine has transcended borders, earning widespread acclaim and success globally. Particularly embraced in countries such as India, Vietnam, Thailand, Russia, and Malaysia, the machine’s efficiency, precision, and adaptability position it as an indispensable asset across diverse industries.

Embark on a journey where efficiency meets precision – the AQ-F non-woven folding machine, revolutionizing the fabric of possibilities in the world of manufacturing.

Part 4: The Following Is A Detailed Picture Of The Non-Woven Folding Machine
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