Precision Unveiled: Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine Mastery



I. Introduction of Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine

The Era of Precision Manufacturing

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern manufacturing, precision has emerged as the hallmark of efficiency and quality. The Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine epitomizes this era, bringing forth cutting-edge technology and innovative design concepts to redefine the production of bed covers and non-woven products.

Unraveling the Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine

As we delve into the intricate details of this advanced machinery, we will uncover its unparalleled performance structure and characteristics, showcasing how it not only meets but exceeds industry standards, offering versatility and precision for various applications.


II. Performance Structure and Characteristics

A. Working Principle of Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine

  1. Pneumatic Material Feeding: Initiating the process, the machine begins with pneumatic material feeding.
  2. Conveying: Seamlessly conveying materials to the next stage of the production line.
  3. Double-layer Compounding: Utilizing ultrasonic welding technology, the machine achieves double-layer compounding.
  4. Mold Edge Punching (Banding): Precision mold edge punching ensures a secure and defined edge.
  5. Half-folding: Executing a meticulous half-folding process.
  6. W-shaped Folding: Introducing W-shaped folding for enhanced design.
  7. Fixed-length Positioning Cutting: Ensuring each piece is precisely cut to the required length.
  8. Horizontal 3-fold Folding: Incorporating a sophisticated horizontal 3-fold folding mechanism.
  9. Finished Product Conveying: Delivering the final product with utmost precision.

B. Innovative Features of Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine

  1. High-power Ultrasonic System Molding: With 14 sets of ultrasonic systems following a screen type, the machine achieves impeccable molding, setting new standards for product quality.
  2. Synchronous Conveying Device and Magnetic Powder Tension Controller: Ensuring dimensional accuracy through advanced technology.
  3. Servo-controlled Edge Punching Molds: Tailoring each product with servo-controlled precision for quilt cover edge banding.
  4. Multi-function Special-shaped Folder: An innovative folder that allows for versatile folding methods, providing flexibility and ease of adjustment.
  5. Servo-controlled Slider-type Lateral Fork Knife: Allowing lateral folding up to three times, enhancing customization capabilities.
  6. Servo Control Imported Cutter Cutting: Ensuring a clean and precise cut with imported cutter control.
  7. Six Servos Combined with PLC Programming: Enabling precise control over the entire production process with a clear display on the microcomputer screen.
  8. Stainless Steel Shell: The machine’s durable and hygienic stainless steel shell adheres to international health standards.
  9. Advanced Design Concept: Compact structure, rapid speed, excellent stability, and high production efficiency define the machine’s innovative design.


III. Technical Parameters and Control System of Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine

A. Maximum Cross-cutting Size and Folding

  1. Adjustable Maximum Cross-cutting Size: The machine allows for an adjustable maximum cross-cutting size of 2400mm.
  2. Three-fold Folding Capability: Offering flexibility with a three-fold folding mechanism.

B. Raw Material Unwinding and Folding Process

  1. Maximum Roll Diameter: The machine accommodates a maximum roll diameter of 1000mm.
  2. Raw Material Width Range: Operating with a raw material width range of 2000mm.
  3. Continuous Folding Signal: Implementing a continuous folding signal for a seamless folding process.
  4. Expanded and Folded Size: The machine handles expanded sizes of 1500-2400mm in width and length and produces folded sizes of 150-180mm (width) and 320-360mm (length).

C. Additional Technical Details

  1. Customized Hob Model: Tailoring the hob model to specific production requirements.
  2. Rated Frequency: Operating at a frequency of 50HZ.
  3. Servo Control System: Utilizing a reliable servo control system from Jiangsu Huichuan.
  4. Ultrasonic Welding: Incorporating two sets of longitudinal welding ultrasonic technology and 12 sets of transverse welding ultrasonic technology.
  5. Adjustable Longitudinal Folding Mode: Allowing flexibility with an adjustable longitudinal folding mode.
  6. Loading and Folding Methods: Employing various loading methods through a pneumatic system and adopting a half-fold horizontal folding method.
  7. Overall Dimensions: Compact design with overall dimensions of 6500mm5500mm2700mm.
  8. Automatic Counting Feature: Incorporating an automatic counting feature for efficient production monitoring.
  9. Host Power and Speed: Featuring 8KW host power with a main engine speed of 1400r/min.
  10. Air Compressor: Eliminating the need for an air compressor.
  11. Application Tools: Equipping the machine with a set of special toolboxes.
  12. Servo Joint Control: Implementing six sets of servo joint control for precise host speed adjustment.
  13. Input Power: Operating on 380V three-phase four-wire power.
  14. Servo-controlled Hob Cross-cutting Length: Ensuring precision through servo-controlled hob cross-cutting length.
  15. Actuating Devices and Components: Utilizing reliable components from reputable brands such as Chint, Omron, and AirTAC.
  16. Inverter: Employing Delta inverters for efficient performance.


IV. Types and Applications of Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine

A. Diverse Applications Beyond Bed Covers

The versatility of the Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine extends beyond standard bed covers. It can be employed to create a myriad of non-woven products, showcasing its adaptability and suitability for various industries.

B. Tailoring Products to Specific Needs

This machine is not confined to a one-size-fits-all approach. Its customization capabilities allow manufacturers to tailor products according to specific requirements, meeting the unique needs of different markets and clients.


V. Manufacturing Process

A. Streamlining Production for Efficiency

The Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine excels in streamlining the production process. Its efficient and automated workflow ensures a seamless transition from raw materials to finished products, reducing production time and increasing overall efficiency.

B. Customization Capabilities for Varied Products

Manufacturers can capitalize on the machine’s customization capabilities to produce a wide range of non-woven products. From altering dimensions to adjusting folding patterns, this machine empowers manufacturers to create products that cater to diverse market demands.


VI. International Buyer Inquiries: Key Questions

A. FAQ Tips

  1. Q: How is the dimensional accuracy of folded products ensured?
    • A: The machine ensures dimensional accuracy through a synchronous conveying device and a magnetic powder tension controller.
  2. Q: What makes the manufacturing process of this machine unique?
    • A: The uniqueness lies in the incorporation of a high-power ultrasonic system and an innovative multi-function special-shaped folder.
  3. Q: What material is used for the machine’s shell?
    • A: The machine’s shell is crafted from stainless steel, ensuring compliance with international hygiene standards.
  4. Q: How can the folding method of the product be adjusted?
    • A: The folding method is adjustable using a servo-controlled slider-type lateral fork knife, allowing up to three lateral folds.
  5. Q: Are there special folding modes for different products?
    • A: Yes, the machine is equipped with an innovative multi-function special-shaped folder that facilitates versatile folding for different products.
  6. Q: What are the maintenance costs of this machine?
    • A: The machine boasts low and stable maintenance costs achieved through high-quality components and advanced design concepts.
  7. Q: Can the machine be customized according to customer needs?
    • A: Yes, we provide customization services to meet specific requirements, ensuring the machine aligns with unique production demands.
  8. Q: How efficient is the production of this machine?
    • A: The machine’s efficiency is guaranteed by the incorporation of six servos and PLC programming, ensuring stable and efficient production.
  9. Q: How is the quality standard of the products ensured?
    • A: The machine employs servo-controlled cutting and a high-power ultrasonic system, meeting and surpassing national hygiene standards for product quality.
  10. Q: What is the pricing and services included in purchasing this machine?
    • A: For detailed information on pricing and services, please refer to our product page or contact our sales team for personalized assistance.


VII. Conclusion

A. Elevating Production Standards with Precision Technology

The Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine stands as a testament to the evolution of manufacturing, elevating production standards through precision technology. Its innovative features, customization capabilities, and efficiency set it apart in the competitive landscape of non-woven product manufacturing.

B. Contact Us for Tailored Solutions and Unmatched Quality

For manufacturers seeking tailored solutions and unmatched quality in non-woven product manufacturing, our team welcomes inquiries and is ready to assist in understanding the unique requirements of your production processes. Contact us to explore how the Non Woven Bed Cover Making Machine can revolutionize your manufacturing endeavors. Precision is not just a goal; it’s a guarantee with our advanced machinery.