Comprehensive Overview: Round Bottle Labeling Machine – Efficiency, Precision, and Versatility


Our Round Bottle Labeling Machine serves as a dedicated apparatus for affixing labels onto the surfaces of cylindrical bottles. This equipment has been repeatedly procured by our company’s clientele, showcasing its capability to elevate production efficiency, ensure precise adherence of labels, and reduce errors associated with manual operations.


Part 1. Workflow of the Round Bottle Labeling Machine:

1. Automated Feeding System: The Round Bottle Labeling Machine is typically equipped with an automated feeding system, facilitating the automatic conveyance of circular bottles from the production line to the label application workstation.

2. Label Supply System: The Round Bottle Labeling Machine incorporates a label supply system responsible for delivering labels to the designated application position. The choice between roll labels or label sheets depends on the machine’s design and application requirements.

3. Label Detection and Positioning System: During the label application process, the Round Bottle Labeling Machine is usually outfitted with a visual system capable of detecting the bottle’s position, orientation, and size. This ensures the precise and accurate placement of labels on the specified areas of the bottle.

4. Label Application System: The Round Bottle Labeling Machine employs a precise control system to adhere labels onto the surface of bottles. The method of label adhesion may involve options such as gluing, hot melt adhesives, or alternative bonding techniques, ensuring a secure and seamless attachment of labels to the bottles.

5. Conveyance System: Following label application, bottles are seamlessly conveyed to the subsequent production stage or packaging area. The integrated conveying system is designed for optimal efficiency in the overall production process.

6. Automated Adjustment and Configuration Features: This Round Bottle Labeling Machine is also equipped with automated adjustment and configuration capabilities, allowing swift transitions between different bottle sizes and shapes. This feature enhances the flexibility of the production line.


Part 2. Product Description of the Round Bottle Labeling Machine:

1. Versatile Application: Possesses a broad range of applications, capable of full-circle or semi-circle labeling on round bottles. Easy switching between labeling tasks and simple adjustments.

2. High Label Alignment Precision: Utilizes a rectifying mechanism to ensure a high degree of label coincidence. Labels pass through without deflection, offering adjustable labeling positions in x/y/z and inclination. The system provides a total of eight degrees of freedom, minimizing dead angles and ensuring precise label alignment.

3. Superior Labeling Quality: Achieves excellent labeling quality through the use of an elastic pressure-coated belt, resulting in flat labeling without wrinkles. Enhances overall packaging quality.

4. Adaptable Functionality: Supports bottle standing labeling and features an automatic bottle splitting function. Can operate as a standalone machine or seamlessly integrate into a production line.

5. Intelligent Control: Incorporates automatic photoelectric tracking with features like material and label absence detection, automatic calibration, and label detection. This ensures prevention of leakage and minimizes label waste.

6. High Stability and Advanced Electronics: Employs an advanced electronic control system consisting of Panasonic PLC, Panasonic touch screen, Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye, and a German labor-tested label electric eye. This configuration ensures 24/7 equipment support and high stability.

7. User-Friendly Adjustment: Allows for straightforward adjustments, offering stepless speed regulation for labeling speed, conveying speed, and bottle dividing speed to meet specific production needs.

8. Robust and Durable Construction: Features a three-bar adjustment mechanism that maximizes the stability of the triangle configuration, ensuring the machine’s overall solidity and durability. Constructed with high-quality stainless steel and aluminum alloy, adhering to GMP standards.


Part 3. Features of the Round Bottle Labeling Machine:

1. Simplified Linear Structure: The equipment boasts a straightforward linear design, making it easy to install and maintain.

2. Utilization of Premium Components: Incorporates advanced components from globally renowned brands in pneumatic, electric, and operational parts.

3. High-Pressure Double Crank Mechanism: Implements a high-pressure double crank system to regulate the opening and closing of the die.

4. Automation and Intelligence: Operates with high levels of automation and intelligence, minimizing environmental pollution.

5. Linker Integration: Connects seamlessly with an air conveyor, allowing direct integration with a filling machine.

6. Quality Construction: The labeling machine is crafted using high-grade materials, employing S304 stainless steel and anodized high-grade aluminum alloy.

7. Optoelectronic Systems: Utilizes optoelectronic systems sourced from Germany, Japan, and Taiwan—imported high-end products.

8. PLC with User-Friendly Interface: Features a PLC with a large human-to-computer interface for straightforward and clear operation.

9. Adjustable Labeling Position: Allows for the adjustment of labeling position, height, and angle to accommodate varying requirements.

10. Versatile Operation: Suited for single-person operation, and can also be integrated into a combined operation in a wet wipe production line.


Part 4. Technical Parametersof the Round Bottle Labeling Machine:

1. Label Size: The width of the bottom line ranges from 10 to 120mm with an infinite length.

2. Labeling Speed: Adjustable within the range of 0 to 25 meters per minute for flexible operation.

3. Labeling Accuracy: Achieves a precision of 1mm for accurate label placement.

4. Power Source Compatibility: Suitable for power sources of 110V/220V, operating at 50/60Hz with a power consumption of 400W.

5. Canister Diameter: The canister diameter is 100mm and can be customized based on specific requirements.

6. Dimensions: The machine’s overall dimensions measure 2050mm×900mm×1320mm, providing a compact and efficient footprint.

7. Weight: Weighing in at 75kg, the machine is designed for easy handling and maneuverability.

8. Carton Size: The packaging carton dimensions are 2300mm×1150mm×1600mm, ensuring secure transportation.

9. Packing Weight: The total weight, including packaging, is 272kg, indicating a sturdy and well-protected machine during shipping.


We can also customize corresponding labelling machines according to customer requirements. For more details about the bottle labeling machine, please let us know, you can e-mail us or call us.