Revolutionizing Production: Introducing the Non Woven Folding And Rewinding Machine


In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, our latest innovation takes center stage – the Non Woven Folding And Rewinding Machine. This cutting-edge device, designed and developed by our company, represents a leap forward in textile processing technology. Let’s delve into the key features, technical innovations, performance enhancements, and real-world applications of this revolutionary machine.

1. Non Woven Folding And Rewinding Machine Specifications
Size: 7.003.803.70m (LWH)
Maximum Material Width: 3.2m
Material Density: 18-120gsm
Maximum Raw Material Roll Diameter: 1000mm
Inner Tube Diameter: 76mm

2. Processing Capabilities
The machine excels in processing various materials, including spun-bonded nonwoven fabrics and spunlace nonwoven, showcasing its versatility in the textile industry.
Technological Innovations and Improvements
The Non Woven Folding And Rewinding Machine brings forth several technological innovations and improvements:

3. Production Process
Automatic Feeding: Streamlined material input for enhanced efficiency.
Folding Mechanism: Capable of folding material into half and further into half again.
Precise Rewinding: The folded fabrics are rewound according to the set cutting length.
Adjustable Tension: The tension can be fine-tuned based on different nonwoven fabric weights.

4. Producing Speed and Equipment Features
Production Speed: Approximately 80-90m/min.
Magnetic Powder Tension Controller: Ensures stable tension control.
Meter Counting Device: Facilitates accurate length measurement during rewinding.
Paper Core Compatibility: Supports both paper core and coreless rewinding options.

5. Speed Adjustment and Power
Transducer Technology: Allows speed adjustment for various operational requirements.
Total Power: About 9.5kw, 380V, with electronic components sourced from Xinje.

6. Quality Construction
Materials: Constructed with international standard steel and iron.
Surface Treatment: Rust-preventing paint applied for durability.
Frame Precision: Well-aligned frame joints with precise sizing.
Bracket Stability: Strong and reliable bracket fixation.

7. Screw Quality
Standard Screws: High-quality 45# screws and inner hexagon screws utilized.
Visual Presentation:To provide a vivid representation of the Non Woven Folding And Rewinding Machine, high-quality images and diagrams are included. These visuals showcase the machine’s appearance, operational processes, and intricate design details.
Customer Benefits:This innovative machine offers numerous benefits to customers:
Cost Reduction: Streamlined processes and efficient material usage contribute to cost savings.
Increased Productivity: Higher production speeds and reliable performance enhance overall efficiency.
Enhanced Reliability: The machine’s robust construction ensures long-term reliability.
Tailored Solutions: Customization options allow adaptation to specific production needs.
Market Positioning:The Non Woven Folding And Rewinding Machine is positioned as the first of its kind in the Chinese market. It stands as a testament to our commitment to innovation, as reflected in our company’s motto: “Innovation leads to the future; Integrity forms the foundation.” The machine’s superior quality and innovative features underscore our dedication to advancing manufacturing technologies.
User Feedback and Case Studies:Recently, a customer from Russia customized a machine with specific requirements, demanding high precision in static elimination and wrinkle removal. Additionally, a broad automatic feeding device was requested. Our team successfully designed and manufactured the machine, meeting and exceeding the customer’s expectations. The positive feedback received after the customer’s acceptance speaks volumes about the machine’s performance.

The Non Woven Folding And Rewinding Machine represents a paradigm shift in textile processing. Its advanced features, technological innovations, and performance enhancements position it as a game-changer in the industry. As we continue to push the boundaries of manufacturing excellence, this machine stands as a beacon of progress, symbolizing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to our valued customers.